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Guidelines For Preparing Devices For Pickup

Thank you for completing and confirming your order. Follow the guidelines below to prepare your device for collection:

  • 1) Turn on the device you wish to trade in and delete all personal information and any sensitive data.
  • 2) Prepare a backup for important files that you may be needing in the future.
  • 3) Remove all memory cards and sim cards from the device.
  • 4) Charge the device fully before our team arrives for pickup. This will enable us to do our testing easily without having to recharge. In cases where the device is damaged and cannot be turned on, we may run other tests.
  • 5) Attach any accessories that will make the gadget work better. These may include chargers, earpieces and any other.
  • 6) Be sure to be present at the chosen meeting venue on the day of pickup.
  • If for any reason, you cannot perform any of the above guidelines, you are required to expressly inform our team so we take the necessary steps to ensure your privacy. In the absence of this, Fo-mart shall not be held responsible for any data leaks associated with this trade.