If your iPhone is updating to the new iOS 14.6, then WAIT and READ this!!!

Reports are coming in that the latest update is causing severe problems to battery life. Dozens of other malfunctions have also been detected. So right now, you have to take extra steps to improve your iPhone battery lifespan and save your device!

Last month, Apple iOS 14.5 is discovered to contain malware that corrupts iPhone memory. Follow-up patches were released for immediate repairs. The new iOS 14.6 understandably introduces better security updates and features. Unfortunately, reports are coming in that it also causes serious problems.


iPhone iOS 14.6 Battery Draining Problems

Upon its release, complaints about the Apple iOS 14.6 are happening across Apple Community Forum, Reddit, Twitter, you name them etc. The iOS 14.6 reportedly causes extreme battery draining problems, far worse than any update Apple has ever released.

Note that although Apple occasionally experiences problems with their many updates, this is the first iOS patch that directly affects all iPhones, regardless of model (such as 6, 6s Plus, 6s, 7, 7 Plus etc) with the same type of battery-consuming problems. According to the Geekbench battery scores, as shown at the end of the video, showed more than 100 points deducted from all seven iPhone devices.

Complaints about the iOS 14.6 problems involve: heating alerts, long charging time, battery health jumping percentages, and even affecting the iPad series.

Posts from Reddit speculate that a lot of the new apps and features added by iOS 14.6 are responsible for the sudden power consumption. Luckily, there are a few tips and suggestions on how you can still save your iPhone and its battery.


Tips How to Save Your Device and Improve Battery Life

Why is my iPhone battery draining so fast all of a sudden  (Solved)|Tech-addict


A report introduced 5 Ways to Improve Battery Lifespan and Avoid Replacement for iPhone devices.


  • Settings Optimization: You can improve your settings to an energy-saving output to preserve battery life. In particular, improving the screen brightness should help a lot. Also, cellular data drains more power than connecting to the WiFi, so it is suggested to go WiFi when you're streaming music or watching videos.

  • Activate Low Power Mode: Low Power Mode is a feature back in iOS 9 that extends iPhone battery life when it is 20 percent or below. You can activate it by going to "Settings" and "Battery." Toggle it on.

  • Check Battery Usage: Go to "Settings" and "Battery" to check which apps drain your battery the most. Manually turn these options off to save your battery life. Keep an eye particularly on "Background Activity," "Location and Background Location," "Home & Lock Screen."

  • Plug your iPhone into your Computer: If you plan on using your computer, you could plug your iPhone through a USB cord to charge it automatically.


 I hope these tips helps !!!


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