For Convenience & Accessibility there is parking at TD Bank across from Fo-Mart

About Us

When other companies offer you a penny for your used gadgets, we give you 1.5 times their offering. Fo-mart is a one-stop shop for trading in all your used electronics. From iPhone to Android phones, all the way to laptops and gaming consoles, we offer competitive prices for your devices.

We understand that trading in your devices can be a painful experience with companies offering you very low amounts for gadgets you paid so much for. Worst of all, they still ask you to ship the gadgets over to them.

At Fo-mart, we make the entire trading process seamless and worth your while. All you have to do is place an order. We’ll come over to pick up the gadget and process your payment.

Simple, convenient and worthwhile.

Won’t you rather trade with us?